Random Photos of Yore

Too tired to write up a blog post. Was out with McDave yesterday after work supposedly to cut my hair but decided not to. Its still manageable for me to tszuj my hair. I did however, took interesting photos yesterday. It was quite a photo-ful event.

See photo number one and two.

I wonder who wrote "gay".

5 hours of sleep?

Its a blood donation drive campaign posters posted at the lobby of my office. I love blood donation drive even though I don't qualify for it since I have homosexual "activities". I'm not bothered by it. I just tick "NO" and be done with it. I find it interesting that you can't donate blood if you had been infected with STDs in the past. Why?

Photo number three was taken in Guardian at my office building. Is it just me or they looked very Sadism & Masochism to me. All the chains tied to their neck and they looked very happy...Didn't know Pooh and gang were into those activities.

Gives me the chill looking at how happy they were...

Next photo of the day taken in Sungai Wang. Interesting way to advertise the shop. Its so easy. All you have to say is, "Look out for the truck stuck through the wall and a dude climbing."

Cool sign for a shop.

Final photo is both rat rat back together again for a week or so. McDave was staying over last week and he forgot to take his rat rat back in the morning. It didn't looked like it mattered since all it did was sleep, sleep some more and sleep. Lazy bugger... I guess they had fun with the reunion. Heheh.

So adorable, the lot of them.

Awww look at them sleep.

-Live Long & Prosper


-C said...

Yore? :P Haven't you got anything better to do at 7am? Like, say, for example, GO TO WORK?!

Janvier said...

We still 'qualify' for donating at the moment ;P

Blood screening to make sure it's free from certain viruses i.e. HIV and Hep B. So stringent screening tests are necessary.

William said...

Rat Rat -- you make it sound like custody and parental visitation rights. :).

Queer Ranter said...

C: its called blogging in advance you nub. :P

Janvier: Hahahha. Well its free blood screening for us then eh?

William: Hehehhe. It does doesn't it. Hmmm maybe its kinda like Parent Trap. Hahahha.

-C said...

I think the name is really adorable. Rat Rat. It's fantastic. I can attest to how cute these two rodents are (Of course I will not be tempted to show how cute my rodents are... :P)

adrien said...

OMG. what in the world is your cow doing to the pink lion!?

Queer Ranter said...

C: Heheheh. Yes they are super adorable. :P

Adrien: Don't get any ideas now Adrien. Why were you up at 5 anyways...