Look What The Cat Brought In

Got this huge ass parcel from the mail the other day when I skipped work. I just didn't feel like going to work, felt like crap actually and wanna spend time home. I was wondering what this huge box was and my mom asked me to pop it open.

I took a look at the top and it said for my dad and it was from Hong Leong Bank. Hmmm how queer. Big box, from the bank and for my dad?

Gold bars?

Newly printed cash?



Took a pen knife and cut the wrappers open. Its a portable mini bar! Awesome. Wonder what my dad did to get it. Must be some sort of a reward thing that they have for using their credit card. Though I wish the colour is pink or something more alive than a faded-ish green. Makes it look like it came from the 70s or older. Oh well. Its free after all. :P

Portable mini fridge!

The cool thing about this fridge is it can be hooked up to the car. Lets party and ROAD TRIP!

-Live Long & Prosper


Apollo David said...

That is for Daddy la... Not for u go for the road trip dear... Last time Mommy asked me to get her this fridge.

Now only arrived meh???

Kyle said...



Fable Frog said...

Gosh~!! what a cute little thing!! but it's way too small for my glutton way of life~ ;P But it's so cute~~ haha

Queer Ranter said...

Apollo: Ya lo. So slow right... Snail mail ma. :P

Kyle: You guessed it. :P

Fable: Heheheh. Well wished it was pink though. :P

Nicholas said...

credit card reward. Have had one for ages but never used :P

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