Ocean's Thirteen

Ocean's Thirteen.

I heart Brat Pitt! He's so hot in this movie and I practically couldn't keep my excitement to myself whenever he comes out on the screen. He's just so hot. *drool Poor Marvin (fagstag) had to endure the drama of me getting all giggly and grabbing his arms in excitement. I must get a I Heart Brat Pitt shirt in pink. Hehehe.

I thought the movie was excellent. The storyline was great, the actors are HAWT and the hotel scenes were breath-taking. I would love to stay in that hotel for just one night and see it for myself. It looked gorgeous. The movie was a great continuation of the previous Ocean's with really good character developments and original humours throughout the movie.

I really love the part where Oprah kinda turned up in the movie. George Cloonney and Brat Pitt were standing in front of the television while she was giving away a home, fully furnished to a family in need. George and Brat sniffled and Brat just looked so adorable. Like an adorable, helpless little puppy that you can't resist but take it into your arms.

Ah Brat Pitt...

I love all the outfit Brat was wearing in the movie. He looked particularly HAWT in olive green shirt made of satin. Oh just so hot. The amazing part was, he never took of his shirt in the movie and still he looked super HAWT. Even la faghag was drooling over him when she watched it.

Oooo Brat Pitt up-close.

So there. I had my shot of testosterone from the men on the silver screen. Not to mention cute twinkies that I saw before the movie in Mid Valley. There was this twink in Starbucks and I'm very sure he's gay. He was wearing a purple v-neck long sleeves and was carrying a Topman and Philosophy shopping bag. He had this lovely innocent smile. So tempted to go in there and line up behind him just to get a closer look. Mid Valley was literally sprawling with twinkie fags. Love Mid Valley for that.

Go watch the movie. I highly recommend it. If you don't believe me, IMDB gave a 7.4/10 for it, fairly good score.

The synopsis:

The last time we saw Danny Ocean's crew, they were paying back ruthless casino mogul Terry Benedict after stealing millions from him. However, it's been a while since they've come back together, which is all about to change. When one of their own, Reuben Tishkoff builds a hotel with known casino owner Willy Banks, the last thing he ever wanted was to get cut out of the deal personally by the loathsome Banks. Banks' attitude even goes so far as to finding the amusement in Tishkoff's misfortune when the double crossing lands Reuben in the hospital because of a heart attack.

However, Danny and his crew won't stand for Banks and what he's done to a friend. Uniting with their old enemy Benedict, who himself has a vendetta against Banks, the crew is out to pull off a major plan. One that will unfold on the night Banks' newest hot spot opens up, when the crew is out to bankrupt one of the city's most despised businessmen. But they're not in this for the money, but for the revenge.

-taken from IMDB

-Live Long & Prosper


-C said...

Remind me _never_ to watch Snatch with you again.

Brad Pitt in his underwear. Briefs too. Ew.

Such a skank you are. When are you going to grow out of this silly phase you're on ah? :P

savante said...

Aiya, why your blog so susah mau buka!

But Brad Pitt in underwear. Mmmm... why grow up :P

Queer Ranter said...

C: Brat Pitt... Underwear... *droooool

Savant: Hehehhehe. Brat Pitt!!!

Ryan said...

Brad Pitt!!! Fell for him when I watch Brad half-naked in the movie - Meet Joe Black.

I saw pictures of Brad getting old. And with the wrinkles and old skin he has on his face, kinda sad whenever I see that.

Of course, he'll always look good in movies! Love his big arms! Yummy!