Penang Trip III

We woke up super early on Sunday to eat dim sum in the place we had dim sum the last time we were here. I just love the dim sum they have here. We arrive about seven in the morning and already it was almost half full. By half past seven, its packed. I just love the egg tart they make there. Oh I'm already hungry posting about it...

Yummy dim sum.

For lunch it was another wedding reception of the same couple but this time its the bridegroom's side. They served nasi minyak (literal translation is oily rice) with chicken, beef, salted fish and mixed vege. It was quite nice actually. The music was way too loud for my liking. It almost made me deft on my left ear.

Gifts for the bridegroom from the bride.

My roomie bought bus ticket for me to go back to KL since I wanted to come back on Sunday to go to work on Monday. He got me the four o'clock bus but what a five hour journey back suddenly became an eight hours ride home... Its all cause of the jam in the North-South highway... Its stupid to think that highway was jammed with cars... So I got home at midnight... *grrr

One thing I'm annoyed besides the whole highway jam is that I didn't get my ear pierced... I was hoping so much to get it done in Penang but didn't have time nor the proper place to get it done. Its just so annoying and this has been postponed for way too long...

End of Post Three

-Live Long & Prosper


Kyle said...

omg entries about food... You're killing me..