Penang Trip II

We had our lunch in De Kayu mamak stall which is famous for their nasi kandar though its super expensive for mamak food. It was ok, nothing fancy. I had nasi briyani, fried fish eggs and honey fried chicken. Yummy but it cost about RM10. Ouch...

RM40 per fish head for fish head curry...

Spent the first half of Saturday in Queen's Bay Mall, soon to be a posh place to stay and the houses are super expensive. You can say its Penang's version of Mid Valley Megamall though I don't think its as big as Mid Valley Megamall. Its quite a nice place to go shopping, window shopping and shopping for eye candies.

At first it was rather disappointing cause I couldn't spot any twinky boys but they slowly filled the place with em. I kinda like Penang boys and oh they're just so adorable. Plus points for Penang then. Good food and adorable boys.

We all did some shopping when we were there. I got a pink shirt, a khakis shorts and a pair of thongs (flip flops if you were wondering). I love my new outfit and I think I'm gonna need more tops from now on. This was the bad influence from la faghag for making me splurge just by flashing the pink shirt in front of me.

Even here in Penang, Lee Hom's advertisement covered the billboards. Well not all but I managed to get a few. Hehehe. I love his advertisements. Just look at them. He's so gorgeous.

Here is Lee Hom along the Penang Bridge.

Lee Hom in old part of town.

Lee Hom somewhere in Penang.

For dinner we went to a hawker center in Goodall. There was so much food everywhere and I had a headache trying to decide which to eat. So I just ordered fried kuay teow with cockles. Always a safe bet though a super unhealthy choice. Slender faghag ordered Yong Taufu soup and ikan bakar. They were absolutely delicious.

Besides the delicious food, I had my other serving of appetizers, main dishes and desserts. He is the crème de la crème of all that is what I call adorable twinks. He was wearing a brown t-shirt with torn jeans and both ears pierced with studs that makes him all the more adorable. Twin faghag and I were so into him. I think he noticed that I stared at him several times but I couldn't help myself. He is indeed the most adorable looking boy Penang could offer.

After dinner, we went to Batu Ferringhi. The faghags wanted to get dvds from there since it's dirt cheap. RM4 per dvd. That's amazing but since I've already splurged on my clothes, I didn't buy anything from there. There weren't many boys around as I hoped. Oh well.

We had to move to a hotel room from our service apartment. We got a two queen size bed and I had the pleasure to sleep with all my four faghags. It was quite an experience just sleeping with them. Heheheh. La faghag was the one sleeping next to me. I can feel the jealousy and envy brooding in all the straight guys that is going to read this post.

End of Part Two

-Live Long & Prosper