Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Look who I saw when I was watching TV the other day! Its Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The coach in Bend It Like Beckham. Awww. He's so hot, oh so charming and got the most stunning eyes.

I love him in this advertisement. He's just so hot in his black shirt, perfectly chiseled, manly jaws and his eyes are just gorgeous.

Funny thing was, I wanted to buy that fragrant and they had this beautiful bag to go with every RM200 and above purchase. Oh I do want to get it...

*praying to Father Christmas or Fairy Godfather

-Live Long & Prosper


Princess Banter said...

Ooooh I liked him in Bend It Like Beckham too! Whatever happened to him?!?!? I see that advert all the time on TV too *swoon*

Queer Ranter said...

Apparently he's been busy in productions but I haven't not seen him since Alexander I think.