La faghag and I were discussing about clothes all of a sudden. She was looking at me, scanning up and down, up and down (I never felt so naked in front of a girl before) and just said, "OMG... Your outfit put together costs more than mine...". I was thinking "Bitch, rub it in some more...". Heheheh, just kidding.

So lets breakdown the outfits and see how true this is, starting with her outfit.

This is she.

  1. Black shirt from Nichi: RM28
  2. Pants from Nicole: RM70
  3. Handbag from Nine West: RM90
  4. Earings: RM10
  5. Shoes: RM23
Grand total of RM221

Then you have me:

This is me.

  1. Blue checkered shirt from G2000: RM100
  2. Slacks from KeyNG: RM120
  3. Shoes from Pierre Cardin: RM270
  4. Piercing: RM6
  5. Socks from Renoma: RM17
Grand total of RM513

Dem it... Girls have a wider range of clothes and cheaper too... Guys clothes are dem expensive... Both our items were on sale too... Its not fair to the fags that want to look fabulous with clothes but so expensive to buy... I'm depressed now. Dem la faghag.

Actually not long ago, we went into FOS and I got some clothes from there. Its amazing how cheap they are. I never been into FOS to buy stuff from there before. I got a pair of bermuda shorts, a pink t-shirt and a pair of thongs (flip flops) for the price of RM90. That's like an awesome buy and its a really nice outfit if I say so myself. Must go there have a look once in a while.

Now I'm hunting for polo shirts. I like the ones they have in Baleno, two for RM75 and they have my favourite colours soft pink and a light blue. Its just plain solid polo. I don't know where my old polos went. Must have chucked them out during the last spring cleaning. I want to get em while the promotion is still available.

-Live Long & Prosper


-C said...

Solution: Be straight like the rest of us. Duh. Sheesh. :P

-C said...

Oh also, you've left out the thong you're probably wearing in that shot.

m5lvin said...

polo-T...nice nice*

I have ..

one black
two red
one pink
one green
two white
one orange
one purple


Queer Ranter said...

C: Uh yes... It was a gstring day.

M5lvin: I want I want~~~

khalel said...

Okay, I am admitting to my own guilt...

Much of it i think is with underwear collections! harharhar

Janvier said...

Yeah, mens' attire are never as cheap as the womens. Plus you haven't added the cost of a tie and a sports/office coat as well.

Zyklon22 said...

Soft pink? Where's your sense adventure? Get a bright fluorescent pink like the one I have. :P
I love polo Ts and I have lots. Bright pink, black, white, ash green, brown, lime green and the list continues... :)

Queer Ranter said...

Khalel: Heheheh. Don't get me started on my underwear collection. :P

Janvier: I know! Lucky me eh. Not to mention accessories that goes with the suit. Cuff links and tie clips...

Zyklon22: Hahhahah. I don't want to blind the world with my pink just yet. :P

Alex said...

Oh my Zeus! Your clothings are more expensive than your monthly salary... Amazing...

-C said...


I think I found my sugar daddy... =P

Queer Ranter said...

Alex: Yea I know... :( So I got only a limited amount to compensate for it.

C: Who who?!

Leesh said...

Shopping is therapeutic and that's why women are so addicted to it. :P
Seriously if i had heaps of cash, I'd shop for you too! LOL :)

Queer Ranter said...

Leesh: Awww thanks love.