The Booger Speakth

Guess who I bumped into in the lift while going for lunch? Its BOOGER~~~ And he's so adorable in his white and black stripe shirt. Even more adorable is his smile and laugh. He actually said hi to me first in the presence of another person. *gasp gasp fan fan We actually had some conversation or in the words of la faghag, "He can form sentences?".

It went like so:

Booger: Hi there. *smile with a huge grin
Me: Hello *cheerful tone amd press floor button
B: Oh you're going up... *grin
M: Yep. Going up. *grins back
B: I hate people going up to the higher floor. *looks at the wall and grumbled something more
M: *still grinning (he's talking to me!)
B: Yea. *grumble grumble grumble
M: *grin grin (awwww he's so cute and he's talking to me!)

Ding, my floor.

M: Well now you can go down. *grin smile (he's still so adorable)
B: *grins back

Yes I know what you guys would be thinking, "OMG he's a prick". No he's not... He's an adorable prick. Heheheh. Makes me wanna pinch his cheeks. Heheheh. Oh well. That's my booger for yea. An adorable booger.

Anyhow, went to have lunch with Leggie and la faghag in this little corner shop. It was a sumptuous lunch all thanks to Leggie's sudden craving and indecisive mind to order nasi lemak, che cheong fun (literally means pig's intestine but its not. its made of flour.) and yam cake. Well thanks to him, we had a taste of such delicious and mouthful of che cheong fun. I love it. Its huge and had so much ingredients in it. Yummy.

Just look at that nasi lemak. Yummy.

Here's the che cheong fun and yam cake.

-Live Long & Prosper


conan_cat said...

lol see leng chai also no take phone number ha... adorable prick plak XD no comment

Kyle said...

OHMYGAWD... NASI LEMAK... threeweeksthreeweeksthreeweeks..

and two guys in an elevator and no actions?!?!?! :P