Chop My Head Off

Everyone's got a code name for everything, gosh I know I got tonnes of them. Fly trap as in Venus fly trap is one of my favourite. It is used when there's a potentially cute guy from a far then you and him walk towards each other and then bam... Ewwwww... Definitely not a looker hence a fly trap. Great from a far but snap comes the jaws of death of the Venus fly trap when its too late.

After work, Leggie and I went to KLCC. Boy, the whole of KLCC was infested with fags. Everywhere we look there's at least a handful. We were practically swarmed by fags. That's when Leggie came out with his code name. Every time he sees one, he'll say, "If he's not gay, you can chop my head off.". Talk about calibrating one's gaydar eh.

I was rather disturbed at first but it became rather amusing since I realised this was Leggie. A little rummy here and rather fabulous there. Funny how everytime I see Leggie, he reminds me of a three-toed sloth. Hehehhe. Its he's demeanor, very gentle, slow and graceful. Not about him being a lazy ass. Hehehhe. Actually, a koala fits the descriptions too. Hahahha.

Anyhow, I think the reason why KLCC was flooded with fags was that Banana Republic was launching their branch there and Sean Gazli was the performer. My don't he look hawt. Nice cute bubble asses and nice pectorals with the added bonus of protruding nipple that could poke an eye out. Yes, we stood there and drooled. I drooled for the body since I don't like mature looking men.

Apparently the secret to achieve such beauty is to have a rich boyfriend and you'll be sent to any gyms to get those adonis features. In return, the boyfriend gets to copulate that newly formed tight ass. Again, a very disturbing theory by Leggie yet it makes sense. Consider it barter trade. Hahahah.

So lets get ourselves a rich boyfriend.

Or just wish upon a fairy godfather.

-Live Long & Prosper


adrien said...

go klcc tak panggil pon! pfft. lol.

btw, i think that rich boyfriend theory is bull lah. :p

savante said...

Three-toed sloth. Muahahaha.

Sean Ghazi. Oh God. Lemme just lick that butt.

-C said...

You didn't ask me along, as usual, some more didn't even tell me.

Remind me why I hang out with you?

I wouldn't overly knock the rich boyfriend theory. My ex was much more well off than I, and through no explicit arrangement, she somehow paid for more things than I did. It's not that I was moochy or didn't contribute, but in hindsight it just sort of fell into place that way.

Queer Ranter said...

Adrien: Last minute decision la... It was after work ma... :(

Savante: I wonder what you would have done if you were there with us. :P Saw him walking to RHB alone too.

C: Heheheh. Cause I'm your bestest gay friend?

William said...

"The Fairy Godfather is not in right now as he is french-kissing his cute boyfriend. So please leave a message after the beep..."

FamezGAY said...

in klcc on that day too for the banana republic opening cocktail party! Anyway Sean Ghazi not my type eh! I left the party before he even finish his first song!

Queer Ranter said...

William: Cis... Useless Fairy Godfather. *spank spank

Famez: You where in there?! Yer... Invitation only or free entry?

FamezGAY said...

yup i'm in there.. for invitation only eh :)

Anonymous said...

Where is a random hate crime when you need it? Fucking faggot. You are Queer.

Anonymous said...

fuckim gays... burn them all hang the rest!