Perplexing Ass

C was over at my place in Central Queer or known as my room. Just random popping by as usual. Didn't do anything in particular, just chilling. Until he opened his blog to show me his post with a YouTube clip. I watched it, I got curious then I got confused...
I didn't know what I was confused about. I wouldn't be confused if I knew what I was confused about right? I love the song a lot. Its a great song and so catchy. Its a cross between Kylie Minogue and George Michael, both such a gay combo. Even Sam said its so me.

But I was still confused everytime I watch the video clip. A little something bugging the back of my head. It shook my fabulous queer foundation of being queer. I thought I was turning straight! Imagine that...

Today, I got back from work and I kept repeating the video clip. They call this addiction. Then it hit me. The video clip is hot, the song is brilliant and the asses. The asses~~~ Dem perfect bubble asses! I shall demonstrate how this confuses me.

Girls... (not interested)

Oooo perfect asses! (ogle)

Boobs... (not interested)

Asses! (ogle)

Girls... (not interested)

Asses! (ogle)

See my dilemma? Nice asses, I like then boobs, I don't like and both attached to one body... My penis was thinking, "To inflate or not to inflate?". Its so confusing like looking at a centaur for the very first time and trying to figure out what the heck is that.

I wonder if C intentionally put that YouTube to turn me straight.


-Live Long & Prosper


savante said...

You mean this is gonna be straight rant soon?

Kyle said...

that video is super hawt!

Janvier said...

The song was interesting but we weren't watching the clip. Well, that is we glimpsed at it but not for long - the Whitest Boys U Know tubeclips caught our attention better!

Queer Ranter said...

Savante: Like that'll happen. :)

Kyle: I know! :P

Janvier: Oh? Its a great song. Hmmm will check out your video then. :)

-C said...

'I wonder if C intentionally put that YouTube to turn me straight.'


Janvier: Whitest Kids U Know is made of win. It's genius level comedy. I'm glad you enjoyed it (cough cough COMMENT! cough)


Queer Ranter said...

C: *smack...

Kai Ting said...

Wow, she has really nice butt~~~