Penang Trip I

I am just gonna photo blog my trip in Penang, or at least try to, in no particular order. So here goes.

Slender faghag
and I met la faghag Taman Jaya LRT station on Friday. La faghag was the one driving and as usual I'll be the boy boy sitting at the back seats playing with Rat rat, Teddy and Pink Lion. The plan was to meet twin faghag and bollywood faghag in Sungai Perak stop and from there we convoyed to Penang. The trip there was kinda fun. Rat rat, Teddy and Pink Lion enjoyed it thoroughly while jumping around to the front seat and back again. I fell asleep for most of the journey.

Look at them all excited for the trip.

All in deep slumber in the car.

There was a slight glitch on the way to Penang. La faghag's car wouldn't start after refueling petrol. There would be no ignition every time she turns the key. We waited a little while then she got the car started. Later we found out that it was the wiring that was loose and it just needed some TLC connecting the wires.

The first meal that we had upon arriving was Asam Fish Chicken Rice. It was yummy. The roasted chicken tasted so juicy with soy sauce and the asam gravy was just as equaly delicious and super spice.

Asam Fish Chicken Rice.

Roast chicken, crispy roast pork and asam fish curry.

The wedding reception was held in Vistana Hotel and it was a grand reception with about 200 relatives and guests attended the dinner. I wore a gold colour baju melayu with black sampeng made from songket that my fag roomie loaned me. I attracted quite an amount of stares from the everyone there. Heheh.

Throne of the newly wed.

Yummy food.

Not to forget, there was this cutie that was in the function. Oh he was so adorable and kinda tall as well. Twin faghag and me enjoyed him shamelessly, (well at least I was) staring at him with every chance we get. The only thing I know about him is that he works in Dell.

We stayed in the service apartment in Vistana itself. The faghags took a room to themselves and us two fags took another room. I love the apartment and its cheap too, RM150 (special rate). It was ages that almost all of us gathered together ever since we started out internships. We spent the night catching up, bitching and gossiping.

Bed hoggers...

End of Part One

-Live Long & Prosper