12 Hours Countdown

12 hours more and I will be back home. Ah... Home sweet home. I am busy packing my stuff in my room. (Have not slept yet. Don't think I plan to.) Come to think of it, I don't really have that much stuff anyways. It has gotten less I think but I'll know later once I am done packing. But it is going to be a bitch hauling all my things down from the third floor... I could really use those hunky mover guys tomorrow. :P

Last night's outing was really fun. We went out to Ipoh to have dinner but it was a disappointment to me and I think the place highly overrated. This place was featured in newspapers several times but when we got there, it was just dead and the fish with lemon sauce I ordered was just pathetic... The fish tasted a little fishy and the portion was like tiny. Maybe they are known for their breakfast or lunch but I know I am not going back there for dinner.

Then, we went to Jaya Jusco, (The only happening place in Ipoh.) for Coffee Bean and I was just curious about the G2000 sale. KKK spotterd a shirt that she wants to get for her bf and I really want to get too. Its white in colour with diagonal pin stripe lines. The lines are apart of the fabric itself. RM140!!! There is a 30% discount so I guess that's not so bad if I'm getting it. Just as we were about to leave JJ, it was raining heavily. We could not go to the car so decided to go for bowling. It was hilarious. I played horribly cause I only scored 101. (Second highest. Highest is 104. Guess I'm not the only bad player. :P) Huhuhuh. Dem sad. I blame it on the lanes and the balls. :P

After a game, we were famish and drove to hacker center to eat supper. I had my first plate of char koew tiow in months with fried cockles. Yum yum. For some reason, we were talking about how the characters and spellings of Chinese words. Hehehe, we sounded like a bunch of nerd or something. We spent about an hour or so there chatting away. It was really awsome.

Break time is over. Back to packing.

-Live Long & Prosper


Kyle said...

Happy Holidays! :)

confusticated said...

gasp. another one on holidays. sigh sigh sigh.

joshua said...

Go to the Curve!!!