Dysfunctional Family

My family consists of mother, father, elder bro, elder sis and me. (The youngest of the lot.) My elder bro is 12 years older than me and my elder sis is 10 years older than me. See where I am going? As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "I cannot help but wonder..." I cannot help but wonder, did mom forgot to take the pill or did dad forgot to wear his rubber? Quite an interesting question but never did approach my parents about it. Did not matter to me anyways. I am just happy that I am here. (And queer.)

So how dysfunctional is my family? Hmmm... On a scale from 1 (perfect) - 10 (screwed), I rate it a 8. Let me start with my parents. From what I can recall, they were never involved in my life at all, up till now in fact. They do not know what is going on in my life nor do I have a clue of what is going on in their life. I find it very annoying when they start asking questions about me. I guess this is the effect of not staying with your parents for the entire schooling years. (I did stay with them for a year and I absolutely hated it.)

Recently, I turned 21. It seems like a huge affair for everyone except when it comes to my family. We do not celebrate much in this household, if ever. I have no idea why. The only celebration we have is Chinese New Year. I never liked it. Meeting with pretentious family members is just not my way for celebrating CNY. So needless to say, my 21st birthday went on without any celebration (Not even a natural disaster.) nor any wishes from my parents. The only people who wished me were my sis and bro-in-law and friends. (Both in Aussie.) Great way of ushering their youngest (And queerest.) son into the adult world. But I guess I'm already used to it. Was not expecting anything to happen on that day anyways. My dad even asked me if I want a celebration. (I was thinking WTF? Do you even need to ask?) I just said no, being the good son that I am, trying not to burden them financially.

And then there is my brother. He is rather uncanny. He does not talk much to us nor my parents. Very quiet but when it comes to friends, he is all out. And he remained like this till this day. Maybe a little more closer to my parents, I don't know. I hardly see him nor speak to him.

My family is really a scattered family. My parents currently in KL, my bro in Terengganu, my sis in Aussie and me in Perak. Even with the invention of handphone or internet, we are worlds apart.

The only people I talk to in my family is my sis and bro-in-law. But since they are in Aussie, it is kinda hard to keep in contact with them everyday. I do chat with my bro-in-law with GTalk, so that's not so bad. Even so, it would be nice if they are here or I'm there. (I prefer the latter.)

-Live Long & Prosper


Prince of Darkness said...

Hey dude, dun get to down for small things like this, I never celebrated my birthday with my family as well :P coz I'm always out, besides, I'm happy to have frens celebrating it with me, but not much frens as wel, coz my birthday usually during holiday. Sometimes it's just hard to talk to family members, i know it coz I am also one of the type of person who rather talk to my frens rather than any of my family members.

But when it come to CNY, i do enjoy it, got extra income...hehe, you know what i mean. Cheerz man. Happy belated birthday to you.

Kyle said...

at LEAST your dad asked if u wanted a party, right?


ceusm said...

uhmnn yeah at least ur dad asked.. ahaha... My parents never ask also.. they just think a birthday is just another birthday tats all.. Haha.. But somehow ok at least i'm close with my parents.. Sometimes really annoying lar... aiyah.. we will never get satisfied.. I somehow feel wan ur life.. no one care.. ahah my parents is too strict liao and over caring me.. uhmnn.. do u know i am a cinderella man ahaha n much more worse than the cinderella.. have to come back by 11pm when i'm in jb.. even i'm now 22yo uhmnn..

Harvey said...

My elder sis is 12 years older than me and my elder bro is 10 years older than me. Haha, but they have me coz my second sis (6 years older than me) wanted a baby bro/sis. I guess they would never have thought that they've got a baby gay. My relationship with my parents isn't that good either, but I know parents do love their children no matter what.

MrBunnyBan said...

That's really sad. Parents are the single most important contributor to one's upbringing. I'm just glad you've turned out quite alright in spite of their lack of effort.

...you did, didn't you? ;)

defiant85 said...

Prince - Well. I suppose there's no use in getting down la. Things happen sometimes.

Kyle - I guess its the thought that counts but no wishes from them? Weird isn't it?

Ceusm - Yea. True. We'll never get satisfied with the things we have eh.

Harley - Heheheh. Youngest and queerest~~~

Mrbunnyban - Yes I turned out fine. My teacher was thinking its a wonder that I turned out fine. Most kids who go through what I go through will turn the opposite. Guess someone is looking out for me. :P Fine is also relative. Heheh. Being queer might not be fine to my parents. I guess.

Prince of Darkness said...

Ceusm - Guess your parents are strict eh. Why not you talk to them, maybe they will understand. Last time I used to have curfew, but after having discussion with them, I have no more curfew. Just that need to promise that I will not do anything stupid.

ceusm said...

lol.. talk to them already.. no use.. ahah my elder bro also same with me.. we both fight with parents a lot abt this issue already.. but uhmnn failed.. ahaahah Anyway its still ok.. Since i'm now in KL n my parents in JB.. so no problem now.. even if i'm back in JB i dun like to go out late since JB is boring! ahhaa

Alex said...

Nah.... there are more dysfunctional families out there. Some so scary that it sounds like a Stephen King novel. Treasure your family.

Calvin said...

Want them to pay attention to you for once? Tell them you're gay and the horniest one!!! Lol... That will make them talk. If they still remain the same, hey, it's good news for you. They don't care if you're gay! Hooray!!! You've been accepted as a gay in your family.

The Searcher said...

Wow, that's not too easy being so young in the family. I guess, all i can offer are 'virtual hugs'

hugs hugs hugs