Sweet Sweet Fantasy Baby

Morning all. It's a perfect morning today here in campus. I feel like a million bucks. Heheheh. I had the sweetest, lovely, beautiful and all that warm and fuzzy feeling dream ever. Come to think of it, I haven't had dreams in many years. (Except a nightmare. A bunch of us went to withness an execution. Scary...) And yes, today's entry is about this dream.

A little history on the dream I'm going to blog about. Last night, Mc Dave and I were smsing each other. We were talking about his upcoming birthday. He was going to spend it alone. Alone?! No one spends birthdays alone. (Except if you're in my family.) So I was telling him why not spend his birthday at his place like a small dinner, he cook and I'll help kind of thing. (Just the two of us. In his house. Kinky~~~) It is still in planning stage but I hope it happens.

So the dream that I had was basically me in his place on his birthday. I was helping out with the cooking. Being the slut that I am these days, I deliberately touched him or made intimate strokes while he was cooking. (Did I ever tell you that men who cook is such a turn on for me? Jamie Oliver don't count.)

Dinner was served. (Well we served ourselves.) It was a candle light dinner with a small round table and seats for two. We sat opposite of each other with the candle flame dancing away between us. We talked, we ate, we foot-seid and we looked into each other's eyes, deep into our fabric of our existance. It was like the scene in Lady and The Tramp, where the two dogs were in a fancy French cafe eating spaghetti and meatball.

Our eyes met again and this time our lust for each other were too much to bare so he grabbed me and whisked me off and into his bedroom leaving a trail of clothings behind us. (I shall leave the rest of the details to your imaginations.)

The next morning, I woke up and caught him looking at me while I was asleep. We just gazed into each other's eyes and nothing else in the world mattered. We were in a place where it was peaceful, serene and tranquil. I felt the empty hole in my soul was being filled up by him and the harsh winter in me began to melt as the warmth of his body radiated and brought life in me. Our lips met and ... (Again, you'll have to fill in the blanks yourselves.)

As they say, "Easy come, easy go". I was awoken by two sms. One was from Maxis telling me I have used up 80% of my limit (I did not know I have been messaging Mc Dave soo often this month.) and another from my club's President Elect. Sigh, "Potong Steam".

-Live Long & Prosper


executorlouis said...

"the empty hole in your soul being filled up by him..."

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. I am sure it was deliberate on your part though. ;)

defiant85 said...

See. This is what happens when I'm all knocked up with raging hormones and lovey dovey stuff... :P

One man's screwed up is another's entertainment. :)

Alex said...

Whoa.... what a dream. You sure it's not a wet dream?

MrBunnyBan said...

Wah. I want dreams like that.

..then again, maybe not. I'd just wake up and get depressed. >.<

ceusm said...

urhmnn.. huh din wet ur pants off? ahahaha

Prince of Darkness said...

Finally I am able to view your blog, maybe your last article is banned...haha