Diurnal / Nocturnal

For the past few days, I have been staying up till almost the crack of dawn, approximately 4.00 am, studying. (Well more like studying, blogging and chatting. Thank goodness for the gift of multitasking.) I like the quietness and the calmness in the wee wee wee hour in the morning and normally wake up at about 10.00 am. (Bloody sun in campus shines so bloody bright. Curtains don't help much.) Typically, I would get up, walk to my computer, sit and read blogs. My cup of coffee to start my day. Oh yes, and message Mc Dave good morning. I love messaging him and he will reply, "Morning Little Lion.". He nicknamed me "Little Lion" and I am still blur as to why "Little Lion". Maybe it has something to do with me flirting with him a lot. (Well not just to him.)

This morning was rather productive. (Productive is a relative term.) I managed to reply emails regarding my upcoming installation for my club, workouted while listening to Podcasts, sorted my laundry, (Dump them into a bag and send it for laundry.) and pampered myself with Nuskin Epoch mud mask. I love my mask sessions. It's so relaxing and maked my skin all nice, smooth and perky. Did not get any studying done cause I prefer to study later in the day or at night/morning. So these days, I am nocturnal and diurnal person. I wonder if my biological clock is all messed up by now.

There is this shirt I really, really, really, really want~~~ I have not been thinking about that shirt since Saturday. (The day I saw the shirt in Jaya Jusco.) It's black, long-sleeves, light and comfy material and it has black fine lines from Soda. The lines are a part of the fabric. It was love at first sight~~~ But it costs Rm100... I don't have that amount of money. If I get the shirt, I don't think I will have the money to go to Melaka for food frenzy fiesta and meeting bloggers there. Arrrg. Perhaps I should tap into untapped monetary resources, mom and dad. Hmmm... Or should I wish upon a star and hope that my Fairy GodFather will come and deliver the shirt to me? Oh Fairy GodFather, where art thou?

There was this song that Alex sent me yesterday and it's soo addictive. (It seems that anything you give me will effect in me being addicted to it. I think I should keep my distance from you. :P) The song is called Little Bunny Hop Hop. MyBunnyBan has it too and he blogged it. It's really, really funny. From what I can tell it's about the life of bunnies or something related to bunnies. Heheheh. Go bug Alex, MrBunnyBan or me for it. You will not be disappointed.

I love listening to the two Podcasts I have linked here in my blog, Ongline and JAPodCast. There is something about listening to a guy rambling and talking to himself about random topic. Heheheh. Yes, I am a very "38" person by nature. Ongline is just funny in his own way (Loves to curse "Oh puki" when something happens.) and JAPodcast is a 15/16 year old queer guy talking about his day. Just imagine blogging with voice. That is what it is.

-Live Long & Prosper


Cybertron said...

walau eh. dat shirt cost 100 ah. ermm can email me dat song ah hehe. whoa blogging with voice eh. u got ah hehe.

Alex said...

Eh... that song is a parody laa....