Insomnia Again?

Good morning everyone. It is 6.30 AM and what am I doing? I'm awake... I have been awake since 5.00 AM. I swear, with this bizzard sleeping pattern, I am going to be sick. Have to take lots of supplements to prevent flu and cough that seems to be spreading in my examination halls. Poor friend of mine is sick with serious sinus infection. He is bleeding out blood and puss through his nose, not a pretty sight. At least the exams are finishing so he can get rid of the sinus infection soon.

So I did some studying, well, more like flipped through the pages and looking at the Post-It Notes that I use to highlight the important points. I don't like to scribble my books. I like my books clean and pristine so the solution I thought of was Post-It Notes. The most ingenious invention by 3M. Gotta love 3M for that and thanks to them, my books looked as thought I have never opened them. People might think I never study but then again, since when do I care about what people think. :P

Can't believe I have to start packing my stuff tomorrow. Every semester break, we are required to vacate our room. Rather annoying and stupid really. I don't see why we can't leave some of our things behind cause it's not like they clean the rooms anyways. So my parents will drive up here and haul all my stuff into the car and drive back to KL. Exhausting process considering the amount of things I have in my room. I can't seem to cut down on the things I need to bring to campus. Everything I have here, I use them. I have no idea how some people survive with so few things.

One more week till Mc Dave's birthday and six more days till I meet him. I still have not gotten him anything for his birthday yet. I need to go to Philosophy and I do hope they have new collection out by then. I don't suppose they have a website? Oh I soo need a haircut. I need a new look but I have no idea what look I want to have. Know any good hairdressers around KL? (Of course with resonable price. I don't grow money on trees. Perhaps I should tap into my parent's resources. Hmmm...) I think its time for me to get professional hair treatment.

I wonder, should I be mean and give Mc Dave a wake up call now? Hehehhe. I think not. Oh well. Going to see what else I can do at this hour.

-Live Long & Prosper


ceusm said...

huh.. Wow soo nice tomorrow will be start of your holiday.. grrr i still need to wait one more month sigh.... anyway uhmnn yah go for professional cut n dress smartly to go for your first meet with McDave! Good luck yah.. n huh remember to take care yourself lor.. still got one more paper ler..!