Finals Part IV

Yea~~~ Second last paper down. Did not go as well as the previous papers but it was alright. Hardest paper yet but did not go disastrously. Managed to answer all the questions required. Have to wait till the results come out to see how I fare.

This morning was rather weird. I actually got up on time when my alarm rang. (My alarm is my phone and it plays Mortal Combat.) I had a burst of energy all of a sudden, out of no where. I guess its a good start but now I am tired, sleepy and drained. I think I should sleep soon then study for the next paper tonight.

I think I am being mean to Mc Dave. Heheheh. I called him at 8.30 AM thinking that he would be awake since he has class today. So I called and I woke him up. Huhuhuh. Bad bad me. But at least I got to hear his voice when he was waking up. He sounded soo cute with the groggy and dazed voice. Hehehe.

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

oo, err. i can imagine if you were actual in close physical proximity. the poor guy would never get any sleep. it would be nudge nugde giggle giggle the entire time.

ceusm said...

last time i used to called my ex very very early in the morning just to hear his morning tiring voice hahaha! So bad of me ahha!