Adoniss In My Current Life

As what the title says, I'm gonna list out all the adoniss that ogle at (At any given opportunity.) in my current campus life. They are:
  1. Mc Dicky
  2. Mc Dave
  3. Mc Engaged
  4. Mc Crawly

Ok I shall start with Mc Dicky. He is tall, fair and has the cutest smile I have ever seen. I would always hope to bump into him wherever I go. He lives in the same "village" as me in campus. In fact, he lives a floor down but my friend QH (Faghag) seemed to bump into him more often than me. (QH, HE IS MINE. GOT THAT.) He is kind of a loner type cause he has his meals in his room. I wonder if he's got no friend to have meal with. They say, "A meal is best when having with a bunch of friends." Perhaps I should invite him for a meal one day. The problem is, I'm super, super shy with him. I do not know why. I'm a person who is not shy of anything. But THIS?! Sigh. At least I have spoken to him before. Such a soft-spoken person. (*droool...) So he is at the top of my list. In fact, I saw him this morning packing food. But just the sight of him makes me sooo high and happy...

Now Mc Dave. Mc Dave is David from the previous post. He is a guy I met in Axcest. We just clicked right away I guess. He called me for the first time after we were rather bored of chatting online and I was rather curious of how he sounds like. The way a person speaks is rather important to me. I do not know why. It is a subconscious thing I guess. But unfortunately, I have not been able to meet him since he is in Shah Alam and I am "here"... From what I can tell from his pics are that he is tall, 5`11 (I am 5`10, ideal height there.) and he is still studying but in KL. (I know. Shah Alam - KL. Long trip. But he has his classes twice a week. He is working at the same time.) I catch myself smsing him whenever I'm bored or whenever I'm bored he sms (I like to think we have a psychic link.) He is a funny guy in his ways, kind and caring. I really want to meet him during my holidays and hope something more can happen. (*Cross fingers~~~)

Mc Engaged. I met him in one Rotaract function last month. And my, it was drool at first sight. He is shy and quiet type of a guy. He is really tall, I think he is a 6 footer. (Drool somemore...) And not to mention his hair. Very classical side parted but the fringe is just breath-taking. I do not know how to say it but it soo appealing to me. Pity I did not get to know him more during the function cause I was the committee. As his nick suggested, he may or may not be engaged. I am confused. In his Friendster, there was a 4 months old testimonial saying he is getting married. I remember reading it and my heart just sank like the Titanic... It hit a solid iceberg and sank straight to the pitts of sorrowness... Sigh.

Last but not least, Mc Crawly. I met him in the same function Mc Engaged. He has the most magnificent hair. Shoulder length hair, smooth as silk, densed, and straight. It is heavenly just to look at him. He is very friendly and sociable especially when it comes to drinking. He and I shared drinks together. Ahhhh... What a night. He is tall too, 6 footer I think. I wanna be a 6 footer too... His smile is also super cute... (Kawaii desu~~~) But his interested in my friend KKK (Faghag) so he is definately straight. Fortunately for me, KKK is taken so I can still enjoy him single. Hehehhe. I shall enjoy him from a far with my tub of Haagen dazs.

So there. List of men I ogle at. Who are your adoniss in your life? :P

-Live Long & Prosper


Derek said...

Wah, what interesting nicks you have given them.

You do like tall guys, don't you? LOL And fair and friendly and funny ones?

Good luck. I hope at least the other three are gay! LOL

Prince of Darkness said...

Why not you try to talk to McDicky? Since he's alone all the time, maybe you can be his companion, then you might be able to spend more time with him, eating lunch maybe. If you never start talking to him, you'll never get to know him. So go for it!!!

defiant85 said...

Aaaah... Dicky dicky dicky. I don't know what reasons I have to go see him. I mean he's my senior and all. Wouldn't it be weird if out of the blue a junior just come into your room? He's final year student also. *sob sob... Exams in 2 weeks time. Sigh...

defiant85 said...

Derek - Yea. I like my guys tall. I also wish I am as tall as them. :( As long as they are tall, attractive (many criteria here) and able to carry themselves, is all good for me. I have simple needs. Heheheh

executorlouis said...

Yeah, taller guys are just so irresistable. But i am attached, so irresistable is not an option at the moment. =X

Meanwhile, all the best for your exams! It tough but we just gotta tough it out! ;)

defiant85 said...

Executorlouis - Hi. Welcome and thanks for visiting to my humble blog at 3 am your time. :P I'm a huge fan of your blog~~~ Great blog.

joshua said...

aiya more importantly, STUDY FOR YOUR PAPERS!!!

I am surrounded by Adonises (my choice of plural suffix haha) in real life. But ALL are UNTOUCHABLEs. My friends ma. Frust betul! And people hit on them, whilst sending me into oblivion.

But there's a cutie (he's really tall, slightly exceeding 6 feet) that I keep bumping into at my gym lockerroom. Keep smiling at me one. But we have never spoken. Shy la!

Kyle said...

oh gawd, the cute, lonely, tall and soft spoken guys are usually the killers!