Finals Part II

Today was a good day. It rained in the morning so it was chilly and windy but this weather only made the waking up process almost impossible. If it was not for my Probability & Statistics paper, I think I would have just slept through the whole morning. The exam went well and I am glad because I studied really hard for this paper too but I could not do half a question. Darn you probability. So I lost 10 marks there but I think I can get perfect score for the rest of the questions. (Cross fingers.)

I feel sorry for Mc Dave. Remember I said he followed a friend of his up North to accompany him? Well it turned out that his friend, let's call him Mr. Asshole. So Mr. Asshole was practically being an ass while Mc Dave was there. He was not attentive nor caring for Mc Dave. What the hell?! Someone accompanies you, you put him first priority. You do not just go out and leave your friend behind in the hotel all alone. Poor baby.

I had two guests in my room today. They were Alex and Xavier!!! Soo nice of them to drop by, well they kinda self-invited themselves. (Tsk tsk. Tak tau malu.) No la, kidding only yea. Hehehhe. But my room was like a total mess, books were everywhere, my bed was untidy compared to the modeled "Rainbow Room" of theirs and I had a huge pile of laundry waiting to be washed. I guessed they did not mind it. We were chatting away with my other two guy friends and were making jokes, dirty jokes, talked about plans for the future as engineers and all. I like to call it, "Mini Queer Forum". It was a great time having you guys over here and I really appreciate it. We should do it more often. (Hint hint.)

-Live Long & Prosper


Cybertron said...

uhmm i like ur teddy bear. so d cute. ermm wats dat dumbell for ah. hit some1 ah. ngek ngek. wah bed oso got partition. nice nice.

me oso sorry for Mc Dave. It happens. A younger guy may expect a senior to do d honoring.

If u gonna meet me bcus of all d reason for your own selfishness except for who i am, you aint gonna even see my smoke trails.

Alex n Scott is real nice. Hey, can u 2 drop by at my place too? hehehe.

confusticated said...

looks very homely. not like mine. very, err, clean. not nice. hoohoo.

Alex said...

Eh.... what self-invited??? We are honouring you by agreeing to come over... hahahaha.... Your room is so needing a total makeover.... make it more gay!

Xavier said...

we'll be the queer eye for the not-so-str8 for u..

wat's more, it's FOC!

no lah, just kidding, ur room very nice, and cosy... esp like the height...