A New Hope

Today is going to be my first day of exams and here I am blogging. Actually I was not planning on blogging but something happened. Something huge, something exciting, unfathomed happened. It was Mc Dicky.

I was logging on to Friendster after my roomie and I took the most ridiculous picture of us together. (No nothing kinky but it could have been though. Check it out in my Flickr.) It was a picture of my roomie strangling me with a plastic bag. So I uploaded the picture in Friendster and my Flickr. Then I noticed I had a new message in Friendster. I clicked on the bolded phrase, "New Message." It took forever to load but when it did, I was in awe. I felt as though I was "The Million Dollar Man", I thought... Many things were just flooding my mind. I saw a message from Mc Dicky. It was a smile he sent me and in that smile message, he wrote, "hi..so i finally find out ur name after all the 'hi's' w/o knowing exactly who u were hahhahahaa..anyways..nice to meet u.

I was literally jumping of my seats in exhilaration. I swear if I jumped anymore, my floor, the top floor, was going to collapse down till the entire building was flattened. My heart could not pump in rhythms. It was pumping soo fast, I felt my body heating up, I was blushing and I was euphoric. I have never been so excited in soo long over something so frivolous.

As part of "Living Life Without Fear", (Or some of you may know it as "Grab Life By The Balls".) I replied his smile message and I wrote this, "Hheheh. Hi. Thanks for the smile. Really needed one. Separation Process II today... All stressed up studying... I guess it's my fault really for not introducing myself when you came by my house. I'm sorry. I always see you packing your food back, not eating in the cafeteria. Perhaps we could have a meal together, start over and I shall formally introduce myself to you before you grad. :P And Good Luck for your exams." Am I really living life without fear or am I just being reckless... (No harm trying right?) I guess we'll find out when he replies. Wish me luck~~~

-Live Long & Prosper


confusticated said...

it's a belum cuba belum tahu situation. hoohoo.