Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

This morning started me being a little gloomy. Yesterday, I was smsing Mc Dave. (Yes I know. Again. In fact, I checked my inbox and about 80 sms are from him.) He was saying how lonely he was for the pass week or so. I was basically keeping him company and all. Sms... Sms... And more sms. Then it stopped. I smsed him at night before going to bed but no reply as well. I thought I offended him in some way. So I let him be. This morning, I mustered some courage (Whatever that is left of it.) and smsed him. To my relief, he was not offended or anything. He could not replied me last night because of stupid Maxis. (Dumb free bundle sms...)

This morning also as I was heading for my test, Mc Dicky spotted me walking down the stairs. I did not see him as I was lost in my train of thoughts. He said hi to me. (HE SAID HI TO ME~~~) I was jumping for joy upon hearing his voice and the smile. Oh soo cute... Heaven... I'm in heaven... He is my blue sky from the song Blue Skies. I was all charged up for my test. Pity I had to go. I would have so stayed there and chatted with him too.

This morning again, (I know. Everything today seems to happen the moment I get out of bed.) I was browsing YouTube. For some reason, I was searching for something queer, then I stumble upon Queer As Folk Saying Goodbye. I did not know what it. (I have been disconnected from the world of entertainment.) Then when it loaded, the reality of it started to sink into me. Queer As Folk is over. This show practically opened my eyes to the queer world. Everything must come to an end. Here are the links:
I found two Podcasts this morning. (Hehehe. Morning again.) Ongline and JAPodCast. I was listening to Kay's interview in Ongline and it was really touching. Imagine, 3 years together and it's over. I feel for your Kay. And as for JAPodCast, I was listening to his entry of how he came out to his mother. His only 15 years old and he is out to his mom. That was interesting. Made me think of what will happen when I eventually come out to my parents.

-Live Long & Prosper


ceusm said...

huh don't u know tat QAF is over? huh a very long time ago liao wor.. they ended at season 5 with not soo good ending.. or maybe is good for some..

Yeah QAF did open lots of ppl's eyes on queer world including me.. hahaha..

Calvin said...

Hey, you guys also watch QAF ar? Me too. Hehehe... And I have to watch when my I'm home alone. Each time my parents goes out, I will rush downstairs to the living hall and put on the DVD. Shh...

defiant85 said...

Oh yea. QAF is like my kinda Bible. Ehhehe. Bible with graphics~~~

I was thinking perhaps I should like out myself by watching QAF when my parents are around. Huhuhuhhu. Or maybe not. :P

joshua said...

My mummy walked in on me watching QAF.
"Why you watching porn ah?"
"It's an American TV series-lah!"
"So ghey!" And she walked off.

And my girl peers all want to watch QAF! They even asked me for gay porn. *gasps*

Alex said...

Hmmm... interesting guy, this McDave. And McDicky too..... but can't you name them anything else but McProducts??? These guys sound like burgers to me... maybe that's the point for you? Yummy and all? :P

Cybertron said...

yar lawrence is rite. show over. sob sob. noti calvin n defiant85. hehe. lucky 4 u joshua. i agree wif u alex. haha though im not a fan of mc donalds. but its his preorgative. no problemo. So which character r u eh. micheal?