Finals Part V

Ah... Bach has never sounded this good and tuna with bread is just heavenly. Yum yum. I just finished my last paper~~~ Woot woot~~~ I am soo relieved. I was studying for this freaking paper to the point that jumping out my window (I live in the top floor mind you.) seemed like a fun idea. Hehheh, just an exaggeration. I would not consider committing suicide just for that if ever. Imagine the amount of guys I have not violated and won't be able to after I'm dead. :P But I was literally dying studying for it cause the past year paper was soo tough. Oh well, its all over and done with. Time for endless game of DOTA and uninterrupted gay porn screening~~~

My faghags and I are going to Ipoh tonight. I think we're going bowling and stuff. No idea really. Dunno don't care, as long as we go out. Heheh. Though I need to conserve money for David's birthday pressie and outings with friends and bloggers~~~

This holiday is going to be an evenful one for me. I am going to Melaka on the 8th next month, curtesy of MrBunnyBan. Gonna go to Melaka and eat till I drop. Heheheh. Dem have to watch my waist. (See la you Alex. Keep reminding me about it. Now it just automatically rings even with you NOT AROUND.) I want to eat Satay Celup, go to Jonker street to eat all the desserts, laksa and whatnot. If there's an oportunity, chicken balls rice also. I mean chicken rice balls. :P Oh and Dr. Paul, if you're reading, I would like to meet you too (And Big Bicep Barry?) if you're free while I'm there.

Going to spend as much time with Mc Dave this holiday and I hope things do workout between us. I guess I'll know when I meet him. Oooo... Can't wait. One more week, one more week~~~ I'm praying that he is not the shy person when I meet him, scared I might overwhelm him with my not so shy attitude. :P (Malu, rugi ma.)

Alex and Scott, you're required to go jalan-jalan with me when you're in KL. I can sense if you're in KL. You can't escape from me in my turf! Meheheheh. Perhaps we can have a Pink Blogger outing. Hehehhe. Oh and thanks for riding my arse to make me study for my exams. :P Now that its over, my arse is all alone. :(

Ah need to get soo many things this holiday. I think I'm going to wring my dad dry. Hehehhe. Need to get a suit from G2000. Saw one really wicked suit that day. Hope its still there. Not to mention shirts, ties and pants from there too for my internship. It pays to look good. :) Where art thou MegaSale~~~

-Live Long & Prosper


joshua said...

Hands off, bitch! Chad's mine~!

I'm going to be in KL next week! Probably can see you (and others) around. Or I'd just have to stalk you people! HAHA

Congratz for your exams are over now! Happy Happy Happy!

Man, you are ONE MAJOR SHOPAHOLIC! Say, even as chronic as mua.

-much love-

ceusm said...

G2000 is on SALE todday onwards.. GO GO!

anyway huh soo good finish exam liao.. duh... find one day yumcha with u lar when u in KL eheh! ENJOY UR HOLIDAY OH!

Cybertron said...

This weekend KLCC Convention Centre got sales... books lu. gagaga. Hmm G2K ah, must go n c. Wah, u getting all G2K ah. All in 1 package. kakaka. this i must c when u in KL. ;)